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                Welcome to Euroset India

                About Us

                ORION GROUP – A Manufactuirng and marketing fraternity based in the city of Locks & Hardware – Aligarh , INDIA .

                With Our Multinational Brand – EUROSET?We Assure Safe And Ergonomic Door Opening Solutions For Your Home. ?Our Aim Is To Provide Our Customers Quality And Precise Architectural Builder’s Hardware & Lock Fittings.?EUROSET?Contemporary Designs Are Suitable For Every Home And Can Give Grace To Any Project Therefore We Have Classified The Product Lines Which Are “GLOBALLY PREFERRED”.

                With All In House Manufacturing And Finishing Facilities ORION GROUP Provides A Complete Range For Door Opening & Closing Solutions. The Pioneer Technology & State Of The Art Manufacturing Facilities Are Driving Factors Of?EUROSET?World Class Quality Standards.

                OUR VISION…

                At Orion Group We Strive To Deliver The Best Results To Our Associates Therefore Our Vision Is Simple And Straight Forward. Overall Growth Of Company And Outmost Level Of Customer Satisfaction. We Believe That Customer’s Requirement Must Be Successfully Fulfilled By Our Offerings.

                Unlike Traditional Approach ORION GROUP Believes In Dynamic Strategy To Attain Best Level Of Market Share Within The Hardware Industry Around The Globe.

                Our Aim Is To Set Imprints For Other ?Companies And Overcome The Competitive Hardware Industry As Leader. Creating Brand Value Which Is Based On Four Pillars Ethics,Loyalty,Honesty & Reliability.